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Reflections is a Newcastle-based development team which has been producing interactive entertainment software for 14 years, enjoying particular success in the highly competitive motor sports category.

It has produced several number 1 hits on various home computer and console formats.

One of its first high profile successes was 1989's Shadow of the Beast, the best selling Amiga title and a benchmark title in the industry as a whole.

In 1994, anticipating the emergence of the next generation of consoles, Reflections developed one of the first PlayStation® game console games, Destruction Derby. It garnered enormous critical acclaim and with global sales of well over 1 million remains one of the biggest selling titles ever released on the console.

The sequel, Destruction Derby 2, was completed in late 1996. Hailed as a significant step forward, it went on to sell over a million units around the world.

Reflections operates at the leading edge of gaming technology. Its titles have constantly pushed new hardware formats to their limits.

Shadow of the Beast was widely acknowledged to have played a significant part in establishing the Amiga as Europe's number one gaming platform in the 1980's, whilst more recently Destruction Derby did a similar job for the PlayStation.

Reflections is unparalleled in its development and utilisation of tools and engines designed to create racing games. Its particular areas of expertise include:

  • Collision dynamics
  • Car physics
  • Multi-vehicle scenarios
  • Photorealistic graphics

    On top of its advanced programming methodologies, innovative animation techniques and special effects skills, Reflections consistently produces exciting and original concepts and challenging gameplay.

    Some key elements featured in all Reflections' products include:

  • Intuitive gameplay. Reflections titles can be picked up and played instantly by a novice yet provide a tough enough challenge for experienced players.
  • Expanding genres. Reflections is dedicated to expanding genres rather than working to formulae. This approach is exemplified by Destruction Derby, which added spectacular crashes into the genre's usual emphasis on handling and speed.
  • Successful sequels. Reflections has a track record of establishing, maintaining and improving franchises-both critically and commercially.

    Reflections has always been a pioneer of the state of the art in gaming technology, and, true to form, will play an integral part of the gaming landscape in the coming millenium.