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Driver comes fully equipped with a revolutionary replay/director mode that gives players all the necessary tools to "film" their own car chase. After completing each mission, Driver allows players to go back through a virtual recording of their mind-numbing getaway, reposition camera angles and placements, and even re-cut scenes using editing tools.

But a great getaway driver is only as good as his equipment. That's why Driver has a selection of 70's style slam-you-back-into-your-seats raw power, performance-packed, muscle cars. Players experience realistic car handling, complete with damage modeling and true, real-world physics reactions on all cars. The cars lose tires during high-speed cornering and crash and deform when they slam into objects. Further enhancing the white-knuckle experience of Driver is the ability to change views on the fly. Multiple views allow the player to experience the pedal-to-the-metal action from behind the dashboard, where players can look out both side windows for an escape route, or check things out from a third person, behind-the-car perspective.

  • Unfolding story line of corruption and double-cross.

  • Living, breathing cities modeled block by block down to the back alleys of their true life counterparts - NY, LA, San Francisco and Miami.

  • Immersive Realism - working traffic light system, pedestrians on the street and cops on patrol.

  • Realistic car handling, damage modeling and physics on all cars - Cars crash and deform, tires smoke and hubcaps fly. All brought to you from the developers of Destruction Derby 1 and 2